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The Inspirational Leader


16 hours (2 days) *including breaks

Motivate your people with clarity and creativity, and supercharge company culture

Modern, switched-on leaders understand perfectly how to interact and communicate with their people and create a vibrant company culture. Today’s employees look to their leaders for inspiration, clarity, and empathy. 

Yet many leaders lack the skills to really engage and empower their teams. And when talent has the upper hand, it can have serious consequences for the business. 

This course will change the way you communicate with your staff and help you retain them. It will inspire you to build a positive company culture that people are invested in because they feel valued.

Understand what keeps talent loyal – and what makes them leave – so your workforce feels supported, instead of burned out and ready to walk. Discover how to craft a visionary speech to really fire up enthusiasm amongst your people. You can even adapt these skills when providing feedback or giving a keynote.

Who is it for?

Leaders who want to articulate their vision more effectively, while boosting motivation and retention among their workforce.

What you will learn

  • The psychology of motivation – understanding key motivators in a fluid talent market

  • Case studies of vibrant company culture in action and how it is communicated

  • How to re-invent your company culture and sell change to your team

  • When and how to give constructive feedback to your people using emotional intelligence

  • Study the most successful speeches by CEOs – what are the secret ingredients of success?

  • Tell your story using classic structures that build your vision and engage

  • How to employ creativity to win over your audience

Optional extras

Individual coaching

Written feedback on writing development


16 hours (2 days) *including breaks

Your Instructor

Neil Stoneham

Neil Stoneham

Neil is an accomplished communication consultant and trainer with over a decade of experience. He has worked with renowned clients like the British Embassy, Conrad Hotels, and Shell to help them develop effective writing, speaking, and overall communication skills. In 2011, Neil founded Voxtree, a global communications consultancy in Manchester, UK. Expanding to Kuala Lumpur in 2020, he now offers e-learning, virtual classes, and face-to-face training programs.



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