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Pitch to Perfection


16 hours (2 days) *including breaks

Present with passion and win over your prospective clients

It’s a competitive world out there, so your pitches need to fizz with energy and engage your audience at every step. You simply cannot afford to be boring and lacklustre.

Boost your chances of winning that deal with a presentation that engages your prospective client and persuades them to buy into your offering. From planning to designing to performing, this course takes you through the whole process of pitching a winning idea. And you’ll build the confidence to carry the courage of your convictions, even under pressure.

Who is it for?

Any professional who needs to build confidence and skill when pitching to important prospects.

What you will learn

  • Understand the psychology of your audience, so that you can engage them effectively

  • Structure your pitch to persuade, using storytelling techniques and the psychology of logical flow to make an impact

  • Design visual supports (e.g., PowerPoints, props)

  • Use emotional intelligence, body language and voice to keep your audience’s attention and impress

  • The key to overcoming your fears

  • How to deal with difficult Q&A

  • Practice and feedback

Optional extras

Individual coaching


16 hours (2 days) *including breaks

Your Instructor

Neil Stoneham

Neil Stoneham

Neil is an accomplished communication consultant and trainer with over a decade of experience. He has worked with renowned clients like the British Embassy, Conrad Hotels, and Shell to help them develop effective writing, speaking, and overall communication skills. In 2011, Neil founded Voxtree, a global communications consultancy in Manchester, UK. Expanding to Kuala Lumpur in 2020, he now offers e-learning, virtual classes, and face-to-face training programs.



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