Global Communications Review

Global Communications Review

Go global with confidence

If your company exports, you want to get your international communications just right. After all, clear and persuasive communications that cut across cultural barriers are essential to making your business a global success.

So how can you make sure your international clients notice you and trust you? More importantly, how can you get them to buy from you and form long-lasting business relationships?

A Global Communications Review helps you design a communications strategy that will connect you more effectively with international clients, and increase your export revenue.

To make this happen, your dedicated Voxtree consultant will first set up a consultation to review relevant communications, including:

  • Company Website
  • Marketing Literature – brochures, PDFs, etc.
  • Press Releases
  • Trade Show promotions
  • Email Campaigns

Communications Report
Following the consultation, your consultant will provide an action plan or detailed report that highlights areas for improvement. In addition, the report includes recommendations and advice on how to implement those improvements, so you can start making a difference straight away.

These might include:

  • A table of strengths and weaknesses of your current communications, measured against international best practice. These include written, telephone, face-to-face and digital communications
  • How to identify third party suppliers and relative costs to implement the recommendations
  • ‘How to’ guides with more detailed advice on implementing recommendations

Return on Investment
Your company is guaranteed to benefit from this consultation. As long as you act on the recommendations, you will soon begin to see better results, particularly when it comes to working with new and existing customers. Voxtree also offer consultancy services that help you implement your strategy, including expertise on exporting logistics and trade shows.

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