Business Communications Consultancy

Business Communications Consultancy

Picture the scene. A Singapore training company is putting on a free event for people in their industry. They want to get influential HR directors to attend, so they send out emails and a survey to generate interest. But it’s not working.

The team leader calls in Voxtree to take a look at their communications and give them some advice. In just one morning, the team learn what they’ve been doing wrong. What’s more, they learn that in order to succeed they must make their communications clearer and more direct. Voxtree give them some examples and helps to edit. Soon the team is bouncing ideas around and totally re-invigorating their emails, the survey and the event website.

The result? Over 140 people subsequently signed up to the event, which was a huge success, generating many new leads for the company.

Could your company benefit from this kind of help? If so, you will find our Business Communications Consultancy package a flexible and cost-effective option.

How does it work?

Simply buy in a number of hours with our dedicated consultant and use them as and when you wish.

Consultancy is conducted online via email, phone or Skype. In-person consultancy can also be arranged for a small additional fee.

You can use your hours for the following:


  • Questions or advice on anything related to marketing or business communication
  • Review of marketing/business communications materials
  • Help with marketing/business communications strategy


  • Online one-to-one coaching on any aspect of marketing or business communications
  • Request changes to documents using Track Changes facility on MS Word; includes feedback comments


  • Writing or rewriting of marketing/business communications copy

Any member of you team can use the hours, and you will have access to a live spreadsheet that details all work completed along with hours remaining. Once you have used up your hours, simply buy in some more.

Also, see our VoxCom package if you need something on a more regular basis.

Contact us today if you would like to know more or need details on pricing.

“Neil was brought in to work with Cegos Asia Pacific in the lead up to an event. We needed some assistance with improving our communications strategy including invitation messages, agenda and preparation of other marketing materials. We engaged Neil for his expertise in creating meaningful and relevant content including copywriting and email communication.

Our team found Neil’s services to be incredibly useful and, as a result, we have engaged Neil’s support ongoing. Our event was successful and there is no doubt that, with Neil’s assistance, our messaging was more impactful and engaging.

I would recommend Neil to others looking for assistance with copywriting and marketing and communication projects.”

Meng Vuki
Channels, Partners & Communications Director, Cegos Asia Pacific