Brand Voice

Brand Voice

Creative. Clear. Concise

The way your brand speaks to your audience – your Brand Voice – says a lot about your company. And it can have a serious impact on your success.

Brand communications that are creative, clear and consistent will engage your audience and win business. Whether it’s advertising, social media, email campaigns or even answering queries from clients, the language you use should always create the right impression and be understood.

But if the language is ordinary, confusing or inconsistent, then you will find it hard to attract and retain new customers.

Ask yourselves these questions: Are your people writing and speaking in a voice that truly reflects your brand? Do your customers easily understand the value you bring?

Brand Voice Manual – communicate with one voice

A Brand Voice Manual acts as a crucial guide for your people and associates. It shows them how to use language across your brand, so that it represents your company effectively and sounds authentic.

The manual includes guidance and examples on everything from how to write emails, to speaking to clients and communicating the real value of your products or services. And it shows users how to do it clearly and creatively with the human touch.

Our work begins with a conversation, which in itself is a revelation. You will soon see things about your business that you were not even aware of – surprising, interesting things about what you do and who you are.

As a result, you’ll get a clearer understanding of both the values of your brand and the value you bring to customers.


  • Articulates the essence of your brand – the why, how and what
  • Gives your people the tools to write and speak clearly, creatively and consistently about your brand
  • Guidelines are clear, relevant to your brand and user-friendly
  • Helps your people see your brand from an outsider’s point of view
  • We talk to your customers to get a better understanding of how they see you
  • Key personnel will be trained how to use the Brand Voice Document (optional extra)
  • Ultimately, your people will be able to engage with current and potential clients with more success

Why get Voxtree to create your Brand Voice Manual?

You need someone with the expertise and knowledge of how language works to create a manual that is useful and has a serious chance of making a difference.

So, unless you have someone in-house who has the time and expertise to do this – and most SME companies don’t – then it makes sense to outsource the job. It’s also easier to get an outsider’s point of view if an outsider is creating the document for you! All Brand Voice consultants at Voxtree are highly experienced and creative writers with a flair for language.

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For more details on the how a Brand Voice Manual can provide a boost to your marketing and client communication, contact us today (see top for details) and book your free consultation.