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Training your people to become confident, persuasive communicators is one of the wisest investments you can make. This is especially true now that Covid-19 has forced many businesses to adopt digital. 

When professionals  express themselves clearly and creatively, they  become highly skilled at engaging and influencing others.

Better communication simply means better business. More compelling. More professional. More profitable.

So, how can Voxtree help? Find out below. 
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Hybrid Communications Series

Our new series of communications workshops designed for those working remotely and face-to-face.
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Business training that inspires

Voxtree’s expert trainers boost the skills that make your people powerful – writing skills, speaking skills, presentation skills and so on.  

We use the term ‘power skills’ because they empower people to boost their performance, improving business outcomes and customer service.

Our trainers work with a variety of companies, from corporates to SMEs, in everything from hospitality and finance to embassies and healthcare. 

None of our programmes are ‘off-the-shelf’. We design each programme to help professionals achieve their goals, using material that is relevant to their profession and their company. And, importantly, we make sure all learners understand how to put their learning into practice.

Discover the power of a Voxtree programme with our most popular customised courses. Download our 'Signature Programmes' brochure at the bottom of this page, then get in touch to start the conversation.

What our client says

"The British Embassy Bangkok used Voxtree to deliver a short course on ‘writing for business purposes’ for approximately 25 staff. The response from participants was overwhelmingly positive and managers thought the course was productive and good value for money. Neil designed workshops that met a variety of needs (from writing correspondence to reports) and gave individual feedback and support. Comments from participants included that they felt it would help them be more effective at work and all would like to continue the training in some way. I’m happy to recommend Neil as I think he did an excellent job engaging people, and managers tell me there has been an improvement in the quality of staff output."
Tom De
Corporate Manager
British Embassy Bangkok

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