Premium Article offer

Premium Article offer

Tell your story and win new business

If you’ve achieved success in business, you don’t want to keep it to yourself. You want others to know, so they’ll consider buying from you and adding to that success.

That’s why marketing people will tell you that ‘content is king’. And it is. Up to a point.

But there’s so much content out there these days – blogs, social media posts, viral videos – it’s easy to be drowned out in the noise.

To get traction with your content in a crowded market, it’s not the quantity of the content that you push out there, it’s the quality.

What is quality content?

Quality means content that is well-researched, fits with your marketing plan and is carefully crafted. Content that takes time and effort and creativity. Content that gets noticed and respected, inspiring new and returning customers to connect and buy.

A Voxtree Premium Article helps you win attention and win business. Our senior copywriter will tell your story in way that engages your prospects. They’ll also advise you on how to get your prospects to read it.

What is a Premium Article?

 A Premium Article come in a variety of forms, including the following:

  • Case Study– tell the story of how you have helped a client or made a real difference to your customers’ lives
  • Professional Profile– an interview with an important person in your company, perfect for LinkedIn or sharing with your clients
  • Feature– showcase your product or service to help your prospects see it in action
  • Press Release– sell your story to the press or online publications

An individual Voxtree Premium Article costs just £390. However, we have a special offer on until 28th  September where you can get 3 Premium Articles for just £950. That’s a saving of almost 20%.

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