Make your messaging memorable and persuasive

By the end of our 1-day Storytelling course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how storytelling techniques can transform your communication
  • Design messaging that is creative and gets attention
  • Make your messaging memorable, so that people will act on it

Storytelling is an essential tool in today’s competitive marketing environment. In this course, you will learn to tell the story of your business, your product and your service.

Use storytelling techniques to explain how your product or service works. Or simply use them to inspire people, including your own team.

You will come away with inspirational stories to apply to your business. What’s more, you’ll get feedback on your ideas, so you can be confident they have an impact in the real world!


  • Key principles of storytelling
  • How the most successful professionals use storytelling to win business
  • How to apply storytelling techniques to your own business
  • How to incorporate storytelling into your presentations

Who is the Storytelling course suitable for?

Marketing and sales professionals, managers and leaders.

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