Powerful Business Writing

Powerful Business Writing

The Course (2 days)

On this comprehensive two-day workshop, your staff will learn practical techniques to improve the way they communicate in the language of global business.

What does this mean?

Consider these two sentences:

“Please be advised that this course I am going to deliver will provide assistance to you both with regard to the compilation, planning and drafting to written responses to all forms of correspondence received from stakeholders in connection with the broad spectrum of services delivered by yourselves and in respect of key interpersonal skills considered a necessary key pre-requisite to successful customer communication.”

“This course will guarantee to change the way you think about communicating with your customers, and show you how to do it more effectively.”

It’s the same message.

Many people in business write like the first example. It’s complicated and full of business jargon. Few people will fully understand it.

But write like the second sentence and people take notice. They understand perfectly. And they become interested.

Put simply, poor communication leads to loss of business. Good communication, however, means better business and higher profits.

Learning Outcomes

If you want your company to get ahead, then the Powerful Business Writing programme will help your staff achieve the following:

  • Understand better how to structure their writing, so that it engages customers and persuades them to take action.
  • Learn ways to sharpen up their writing, so that it makes perfect sense.
  • Master the art of cutting out unnecessary information, so that key messages hit the target.

Topics covered include: structure, tone, making writing concise, the art of persuasive writing, understanding what your customer wants to read, and effective email writing.

Each workshop is designed to be memorable and thought provoking. Your staff certainly won’t get bored and will leave with a much better understanding of how to be a smarter writer.

Suitable for:
Sales and marketing staff with a good level of English. This practical workshop is designed for small groups and includes substantial individual feedback from the facilitator.