International English

International English

The Course (1 day)

What do you think of this sentence?

We are passionate about providing the right technical solutions to enhance your business, leverage key factors that drive influence and ultimately top up your bottom line.

For a native speaker, it is pure dry business speak. To a non-native speaker, it is unintelligible nonsense.

Too many exporting companies lose business each year as a result of poor communication like this.

Writing in English that is accessible to a range of non-native speakers makes all the difference. Key messages are better understood, and you stand a much greater chance of engaging your audience.

Learning Outcomes

Voxtree’s International English workshop will help your staff connect with non-native speaking clients in other countries.

On this practical workshop, your staff will learn how to:

  • Use a form of English that leaves no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding
  • Appreciate cultural differences in communication
  • Write engaging content that is guaranteed to connect with a foreign client

Is it time your company changed the way it communicates internationally?

Suitable for:
Employees who regularly communicate in English with non-native speakers.