Influence and Persuade

Influence and Persuade

Inspire people to see things your way

By the end of our 1-day Inspire and Persuade course, you will be able to:

  • Use proven techniques to influence decisions
  • Win trust and likeability to make yourself more credible
  • Adapt your new persuasive skills to a variety of professional situations

An understanding of the key principles of persuasion turns a manager into a true leader. Armed with the power to persuade, you will have the confidence to turn a prospect into business, inspire your team and get people to take action.

This course is based on proven psychology and will make a positive difference to the way you do business.


  • How to appeal to your audience and win respect
  • Robert Caldini’s ‘6 principles of persuasion’ in action
  • How to use the right language to get what you want
  • The secrets of perfect pitching

Who is the Influence and Persuade course suitable for?

Mid-level managers and leaders. C-Suite managers should consider Executive Coaching.

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