Communication skills coaching

Communication skills coaching

First impressions count in business.

If you’re a manager, the way you speak and write makes a huge difference to your success. It could be the difference between inspiring your team and demotivating them. Or between persuading your customer to buy and making them go somewhere else. Or between setting clear, concise instructions and costly disruption because people don’t understand what you want. 

When you wish to improve your health and body shape, you hire a personal trainer to help reach your goals quicker, get motivated and work on the parts you need to. 

Same with communication skills. With the personal guidance of a top-class coach, you focus on building the exact skills you need to develop, and discover the approach you need to communicate effectively. You’ll also gain confidence. And you will improve much quicker than if you tried to do it alone. 

How will a Voxtree coach help?

A Voxtree coach will help you become a smart, effective communicator in no time. With our special packages, you get a programme tailored to your needs, so you will hit your goals quickly.

Maybe you want to learn how to get to the point, so your emails get more responses. Perhaps you want to make the way you present your ideas in meetings more powerful. Or you want to make your communications more lively and engaging, so you can really connect with your team or clients. 

Suitable for managers who need that extra boost, or those looking for promotion. 

How does it work?

We follow a simple but effective 5-step process.

  1. Initial Consultation
    Define the specific communication skills you want to develop and set goal/s
  2. Coach designs your personalised development programme
    Based on the goals you set, we’ll design a programme that hits the sweet spot
  3. Schedule one-hour tutorial per week
    Your coach will put you through your paces every session, making sure you get to practice as you learn
  4. Practice your skills between tutorials and get feedback
    You’ll be given tasks to practice between sessions to help you develop quicker. You’ll then get feedback on your work via email and during the next session. 
  5. Evaluate your progress
    When you complete the programme, we’ll assess your progress and guide you on how to get even better. You can even book a new package if you feel that’s the way forward! 

All tutorials are delivered online, via a video conferencing service such as Skype, GoToMeeting or Zoom; depending on your preference. This means you can access our coaches anywhere in the world.

Ready to take the plunge?  

If you’re interested to learn more about communications coaching, including pricing options, contact us today.