Learn how to engage, influence and persuade in the language of global business

By the end of our 2-day Business Writing course, you will be able to:

  • Write creatively to engage your customers
  • Write clearly so that you make perfect sense
  • Write persuasively to influence others in positive and profitable way

The way we write in business is more important than ever. Our customers and our colleagues are overloaded with information every day. That is why strong writing skills help us stand out and are crucial to success.

Whether you write emails, proposals or marketing material, you need to write well. This course shows you how do it confidently.


  • Structure
  • Choosing the right tone
  • How to make writing concise
  • The art of persuasion
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Writing sensitive messages
  • Effective email writing

Each workshop is designed to be memorable and thought-provoking. Throughout the course, you will put into practice what you have learned, so you can apply your new skills when you return to the workplace.

This practical workshop is designed for small groups of up to 15 people and includes substantial individual feedback from the facilitator.

Follow-up online support is also available with this course.

Who is the Business Writing course suitable for?

Any business professional who needs to boost their writing skills.

For more details on our Business Writing course, contact us here.