Quintiq, Kuala Lumpur

Quintiq are an international software company, headquartered in the Netherlands, with a big regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The copywriting team in the KL office are skilful writers and knowledgable about tech. But they wanted to write more compelling press releases and tell better stories.

We worked with the team over a number of sessions to fire up their imaginations and avoid the technical getting in the way of telling a good story.

What they say

“Neil came to Quintiq to deliver a one-day training on how to write a press release to a group of Quintiq’s writers. We chose Neil for his diverse skillset. With his experience in print journalism, he was able to educate the team on what a press release looks like from the point of view of a busy journalist. Meanwhile, his years as an English teacher meant that the training session was fun and engaging. His work in corporate communications meant that he understood the demands and challenges the writers faced and the type of work they are expected to produce. Since the training, I have definitely seen an improvement, not only in the quality of releases the writers are delivering, but also in their motivation and interest levels when working on this type of content. We’d definitely like to have him back one day to go even deeper into this topic.”

Katrina Melvin,
Global Communications Manager, Quintiq

Quintiq, Kuala Lumpur