Five Cs, Japan

Five Cs, Japan

Five Cs is a Japanese PR company based in Tokyo with a range of international clients.

They often require professional content written in English. Our copywriters work from an English translation of the Japanese and rewrite the content to appeal to an international audience.

It’s quite a challenge as you can imagine. But with careful consultation, mixed with our understanding of different cultures, the results so far have been very successful.

Here’s an example of our work on a brochure for Dentsu Public Relations – Japan’s foremost PR agency.

What they say

"We use Voxtree to help with our own client projects and also for in-house training. The quality of the work is excellent, and they are skillful in managing the communications across very different cultures. As the Japanese business community seeks to export to more markets, the service from Voxtree is indeed a valuable one."

Mr Morifumi Nishio,
Corporate Officer PR Division, Brand Management, Five Cs, Tokyo, Japan

Five Cs, Japan