British Embassy, Bangkok

The British Embassy in Bangkok deals with a lot of UK visa applications. So their staff needed to improve their writing in English, to be better communicate with clients.

We worked with the Visa team, as well as the consular team, to improve their writing skills and generate better customer service.

What they say

"The British Embassy Bangkok used Voxtree to deliver a short course on ‘writing for business purposes’ for approximately 25 staff. The response from participants was overwhelmingly positive and managers thought the course was productive and good value for money. Neil designed workshops that met a variety of needs (from writing correspondence to reports) and gave individual feedback and support. Comments from participants included that they felt it would help them be more effective at work and all would like to continue the training in some way. I’m happy to recommend Neil as I think he did an excellent job engaging people, and managers tell me there has been an improvement in the quality of staff output."

Tom De,
Corporate Manager, British Embassy, Bangkok

British Embassy, Bangkok