BNH Hospital, Bangkok

BNH (Bangkok Nursing Home) is an international hospital with clients ranging from locals to expats, including foreigners seeking affordable medical care at international standards.

We worked with their marketing team to refine their messaging. This made it more powerful and created an element of trust with their international audience.

What they say

I went to a course called "Powerful Communication in the Global Market" because we needed quality English language content. As an international marketing executive at BNH Hospital, I recognised that content is the best form of advertising. I wanted to hone my writing skills, not just to create content myself, but to get a better idea what good content requires. The course was run by Neil Stoneham from Voxtree, and this encounter has changed the quality of communications at BNH ever since. We commissioned Neil to write different forms of communications for us on various medical issues. The senior management was sceptical at first, but we were able to compare content produced by different sources and the response from our target audience. It was overwhelmingly evident that articles by Neil got the best positive response. Neil’s strength is to communicate complex ideas and technical terms coherently to a lay audience.

Udo Kim,
Head of Global Marketing, BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital, Bangkok