The power of the Business Blog

The power of the Business Blog

As a tool for getting your business noticed, the blog is one of the cheapest and most effective methods at your disposal. But it’s important to invest time in producing good content to make it work.

It wasn’t that long ago that nobody had ever heard of the word ‘blog’. At some point, one clever wag merged the two words ‘web log’ and you can now find the result in the Oxford Dictionary.

Today, blogs have become the mouthpiece for a whole generation of individuals and businesses alike. It’s a crowded market, for sure. But if you approach creating your business blog in the right way, it can pay dividends and draw potential clients and associates to your website in droves.

That said, blogging does take time and effort. While the actual setting up of a blog can take just a few minutes – using sites such as WordPress and Blogger, for example – deciding on what to write and how to write it can be quite daunting. What’s more, a lot of content must be produced in order to increase your audience and gain some payoff.

No pain…

It needn’t be quite so painful, however, especially if you work out a strategy. For example, you need to study other blogs in your industry to see what works. And then you need to find the time and inclination (a big ask for a lot of people, I know) to write the content on a regular basis, so that people will start following your blog, sharing it and talking about what you do.

All this seems like a lot of work, so why bother? Well, you could ask the bloggers who make a living purely by writing about what they’re passionate about. You could ask people who are now recognised as an authority in their field, simply by blogging free advice.

Or you could ask the thousands of successful business owners whose blogs are so widely read and shared that traffic to their website has soared, bringing along plenty of new clients and business.

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